Funding for Treasure Hunts, Shipwreck Recoveries and Archaeology

Treasure Expeditions through a professional relationship with a Private Equity Firm can now provide the necessary funding and money for a successful treasure expedition, shipwreck recovery or archaeological project.


Mission Statement:

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonTo ensure the continuation of our successful expeditions, both domestic and international, based on factual historical and archival research, utilizing the best professionals in the industry. Also to provide a return on investment while maintaining the highest archaeological standards.


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Insisto Vestri Somnium

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonInsistion Vestri Somnium is Latin for "Follow Your Dream". We invite you join us and follow your dream to find Lost & Sunken Treasure!

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Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonWe invite you to join us either by following us on our site or actually joining us in our quests of excitement and adventure as we search for, locate and recover rare artifacts and treasures.


Funding for Treasure Expeditions, Shipwreck Recovery and Archaeology

by Editor in Chief, Bradley "Brad" Williamson

A  private equity firm with a large pool of High Net Worth clientele is interested in providing funding and money for qualified expeditions to recover lost treasures, shipwrecks and archaeological projects.

The CEO of Treasure Expeditions has worked closely with the founding members of this Private Equity Firm and has been involved with them on several successful recovery projects. Currently Treasure Expeditions Corporation is working closely with this Private Equity Firm and they are providing funding for several of our projects. The President of Treasure Expeditions Corporation has appointed one of the founding members of this Private Equity Firm, Mickey Hester, as Chief Financial Officer of Treasure Expeditions.

The founding partners of this Private Equity Firm have taken multiple companies public and in the past ran the Private Wealth division of Smith Barney. This Private Equity Firm has a large pool of extremely  wealthy High Net Worth individuals and Institutions who want to fund treasure hunting, shipwreck recovery and archaeology.

Rob Barfield, (the owner of Vision Inc., a large international commercial real-estate development and accusation company and a long time personal friend of Bradley Williamson), introduced the founding members of this Private Equity Firm to Bradley Williamson. Brad has become close friends with the founders of this Private Equity Firm and is working with them on several projects.

If you have a treasure expedition, shipwreck recovery or archaeological project and you are in need of or are interested in possible funding and money, provide the following information

  1. A Brief and Concise synopsis of the Project.
  2. A list of all the Documents, Legahos, Charts or Maps on which your research is based.
  3. Who did the research and their Background and Qualifications.
  4. What, if any, is the possible Value of the project and the verifying documents.
  5. What is the Goal and Objective of your project.

RECENT UPDATE: We have been contacted by numerous individuals and companies but we cannot and will not proceed forward unless the guidlines are followed! It is imperative that the above, five items of information, are provided in your email to us!

NOTE: Please do not send any confidential or proprietary information with your initial information! Review of any confidential or proprietary information will only be done after signing of Nondisclosure Agreements by both parties. This is for the benefit and protection of all involved.

Please forward the above 5 items to Admin@TreasureExpeditions.Com for review along with your contact information. Based upon review, if your expedition and/or project meets the initial qualifications you will be contacted. At that point in time, NDA's will be signed by both parties and the information forwarded to the Private Equity Firm.

Unfortunately, many great projects and expeditions with exciting potential fail due to lack of adequate funding and money. Finally, and for the first time ever, a Private Equity Firm exists which was created to fund Treasure Expeditions, Shipwreck Recoveries and Archaeological Projects. This Private Equity Firm has a large pool of extremely wealthy individuals and institutions who want to provide funding and money for these projects.


Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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