Operation Lost Temple: Mysterious Pre-Columbian Temple - Found

This is a current and ongoing expedition of a mysterious pre-Columbian temple which has been located and gold has been recovered along with Roman and what appears to be Phoenician artifacts.


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Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonTo ensure the continuation of our successful expeditions, both domestic and international, based on factual historical and archival research, utilizing the best professionals in the industry. Also to provide a return on investment while maintaining the highest archaeological standards.


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Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonInsistion Vestri Somnium is Latin for "Follow Your Dream". We invite you join us and follow your dream to find Lost & Sunken Treasure!

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Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonWe invite you to join us either by following us on our site or actually joining us in our quests of excitement and adventure as we search for, locate and recover rare artifacts and treasures.


Mysterious Pre-Columbian Temple - Found

This is a current and ongoing expedition

This expeditions was first introduced to me, Bradley Williamson, by my close friend Carl Fismer. Carl is a

Godl Idol
Photo of Gold Idol from the Temple
 highly regarded and recognized, not to mention successful treasure hunter and explorer. I have always been interested in tales of Lost Cities and Mysterious Lost Temples and this is one of those expeditions.

This has been an ongoing expedition and gold figurines have been recovered along with some other very interesting artifacts. Some of the artifacts are of Roman origin and some of the writing on the temple, according to archaeologist with the University of Denver, appear to be Phoenician.

This site is located in Central America and is definitely pre-Columbian. The fact that there appears to be artifacts from either Roman or Phoenician origin within the temple complex is fascinating. We now know that Columbus was not the first to reach the Americas and there is proof of Viking and possibly Asian contact with the Americas so given that the Phoenicians were expert sailors and navigators there very well could have been contact between the two cultures. In Egypt at some of the archaeological sites they have found material, species of plants which are only indigenous to South America.

Roman Coin Bradley Williamson
At the 40 foot level diggers in the pre-Columbian temple found this Roman  coin minted around 412 A.D.
Several trips have already been made to the site and excavation of the site has proceeded with more interesting artifacts and materials being recovered.

Interest in this site continues to grow and several well-known and highly respected individuals have become involved in this project which could possibly change much of early history as we currently know it. Along with the treasures and artifacts - the historical significance of this project is unparalleled. To read the full story of the discovery of this mysterious pre-Columbian temple, read the full story at Treasure/Lost Cities/Mysterious Lost Temple






If you would like more information on this expedition or would like to participate, email: Admin@TreasureExpeditoins.Com

Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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