Responses From Happy Customers

All of the following customer responses were provided by our customers. They were not solicited for their response nor offered compensation. The responses were freely given based on the pleasant experience and customer service they received from us. We are a new company and the list will continue to grow.


Mission Statement:

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonTo ensure the continuation of our successful expeditions, both domestic and international, based on factual historical and archival research, utilizing the best professionals in the industry. Also to provide a return on investment while maintaining the highest archaeological standards.


Company Motto:

Insisto Vestri Somnium

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonInsistion Vestri Somnium is Latin for "Follow Your Dream". We invite you join us and follow your dream to find Lost & Sunken Treasure!

Welcome to Treasure & Adventure:

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonWe invite you to join us either by following us on our site or actually joining us in our quests of excitement and adventure as we search for, locate and recover rare artifacts and treasures.


Following are Emails from Happy Customers

Customer Service for Treasure Expeditions


This Customer Was One of the Attendees at Our First Sunken Treasure Workshop

"I have read countless books on sunken treasure and the ships and men that carried it accross the oceans. Brad and Carl make it come alive and show you first hand the academic and technical aspects of locating and examining sunken treasures. Then... they make the classroom come alive and take you out on actual Galleons and show you what they actually look like today and walk you through the history while in the water. Thhis was a dream come true, and you will not find any like diver trips out there at this value. Brad and Carl are people you just read about in books and this was my chance to actually learn from them and dive with them over something most people will only read about. I will sign up every chance I get!"

Robert Calamia


This Customer Purchased a Shipwreck Treasure Coin

Hello Capt. Bradley,

I received the coin Tuesday , great coin in near mint condition. I talked with Carl Fismer and told him how pleased I was with it and that I will want to buy more in the future, where can you buy a piece of maritime history like this for under $40.00 delivered ? Heck Carl's autograph should be worth that alone. ha ha


Jim Wilson

This Customer Purchased Two Cannon Balls.

It has been a pleasure dealing with both you (Carl) and Brad. You have both been honest and very accomodating. ......I know where to turn.

Thank you,

Scott Perl


Customer Purchased Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin

I bouught an Admiral Gardner shipwreck coin recenlty fromTreasure Expeditions. I just wanted to praise you on the excellent customer service Brad provided! The coin is in greaat condition and I counldn't be happier. I will come to Treasure Expeditions again for additional shipwreck artifacts!

Thank You,

Natasha Slater




Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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