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Expedition: Project Deep Gold Shipwreck & Sunken Treasure

This expedition is a currently active quest for the recovery of a sunken treasure of a large cargo of gold coins which sank on a vessel which had collided with another vessel and quickly sank. This Shipwreck is located in deep waters.


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Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonTo ensure the continuation of our successful expeditions, both domestic and international, based on factual historical and archival research, utilizing the best professionals in the industry. Also to provide a return on investment while maintaining the highest archaeological standards.


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Insisto Vestri Somnium

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonInsistion Vestri Somnium is Latin for "Follow Your Dream". We invite you join us and follow your dream to find Lost & Sunken Treasure!

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Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonWe invite you to join us either by following us on our site or actually joining us in our quests of excitement and adventure as we search for, locate and recover rare artifacts and treasures.


Expedition: Project Deep Gold - recovery of rare gold coins which sank on an American ship which sank intact

Currently active expedition for recovery of Sunken Treasure

This expedition is an ongoing quest and currently active expedition to recover a large cargo of gold
Ship Deep Gold
Image of vessel similar to "Deep Gold" shipwreck
 coins. This was an American merchant ship was in route from Europe to America. The vessel sank in the early 1800's after a collision with another vessel at night. This vessel sank in the Atlantic Ocean in international waters.

This expedition has been given the code name "Deep Gold" to preserve non-disclosure of sensitive and proprietary information. The resting place of the ship is in international waters, and the present day monetary value of the American gold coins is conservatively estimated to be over 75 million.

The research and documentation for this project was compiled by the top researchers and archival documentation specialist in the nation. The research and documentation consists of hundreds of pages of primary source material and fist hand witnesses.

Some of the outstanding merits of this project are:

  • We have the latitude and longitude of the sinking.
  • Relatively unreported by secondary sources, not a "known" wreck.
  • Cargo of American and European Gold Coins, Pre Civil War.
  • Wealthy First Class Passengers carrying American Gold Coins and Jewelry.
  • Vessel sank intact in deep water unreachable till now with the use of mixed gas technical diving or commercial saturation diving.
  • Wreck site is in international waters, within 150 Nautical Miles of closest major U.S. port.
  • Research and re-navigation analysis completed, project ready to go.
  • Individual gold coins probably have greater average value than those recovered from the SS Central America and the SS Republic.
  • Potential claims by insurance companies probably not a factor.
  • Conservative estimated present day value of Gold Coins over 75 million.

Since this is an ongoing project dealing with confidential and proprietary information regarding the location of an extremely valuable cargo of gold coins and rare and valuable early American coins we cannot provide further information till the completion of the expedition and the recovery of the valuable cargo of gold and rare early American coins.

If you would like more information on this expedition or would like to participate, email: Admin@TreasureExpeditons.Com



Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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