Shipwrecks of Cape Cod and Boston Harbor by Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Shipwrecks of Cape Cod and Boston Harbor by Bradley "Brad" Williamson

This page list Shipwrecks of Cape Cod along with a few shipwrecks in the Boston Harbor area. Several were carrying valuable cargo including Treasure.


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Shipwrecks of Cape Cod and Boston Harbor by Bradley "Brad" Williamson


Listed bellow are ships which sank off of Cape Cod and their location.

This Page lists Shipwrecks of Cape Cod along with a few shipwrecks in the Boston Harbor area. The first part list the shipwrecks of Cape Cod giving the name of the ship and the date it sank along with the latitude and longitude. The second part list shipwrecks in the Boston Harbor area giving the name date it sank and the approximate location. All this information is based on research done at the National Archives and the Library of Congress Archives.



Name of Ship


Latitude & Longitude

1 E.L. Marts 03/17/1876

42-03-20N 70-14-39W

2 John Rommel JR. 02/17/1875 42-04-43N 70-14-30W
3 Sophie Kranz 01/31/1886 42-05-06N 70-13-24W
4 Belmont 04/09/1894 42-05-30N 70-12-42W
5 Sarah J. Fort 04/04/1879 42-05-32N 70-12-21W
6 Elwood Burton 10/14/1904 42-05-09N 70-11-29W
7 Maggie Fisk 02/07/1880 42-05-06N 70-10-58W
8 Monte Tabor 09/17/1896 42-05-27N 70-10-21W
9 *Portland* 11/27/1898 Estimated Position
10 William Higgins 03/31/1898 42-05-06N 70-10-00W
11 Peruvian 12/25/1873 Estimated Position
No. Name of Ship Sank Latitude & Longitude No. Name of Ship


Latitude & Longitude
12 Giovanni 11/04/1875 42-05-30N 70-08-30W 44 Saint Cloud 03/15/1861 41-48-53N 69-55-53W
13 Job Jackson JR. 11/04/1875 42-04-59N 70-08-18W 45 Lilly 01/03/1901 41-48-37N 69-55-49W
14 H.M.S. Somerset 11/01/1778 Estimated Position 46 Mary Cobb 10/24/1875 41-48-01N 69-55-30W
15 Jennie C. May 02/07/1902 42-04-38N 70-07-24W 47 Perit 01/17/1877 41-47-01N 69-55-42W
16 Plymouth Rock 04/11/1888 42-04-18N 70-06-36W 48 *Mary Anne* 04/26/1717 Estimated Position
17 Clara Belle 03/06/1872 42-0436N 70-06-06W 49 John S. Parker 11/07/1901 41-45-55N 69-55-39W
18 Clara J. Adams 09/19/1881 42-04-06N 70-05-54W 50 Friedricke 01/10/1883 41-45-48N 69-55-27W
19 Francis 12/26/1873 Estimated Position 51 Elsie M. Smith 02/13/1902 41-43-50N 69-55-23W
20 Emily T. Sheldon 03/22/1886 42-04-12N 70-05-00W 52 Rolla 12/15/1820 Estimated Position
21 Brutus 02/22/1802 Estimated Position 53 Jonathan May 03/17/1877 41-41-39N 69-54-43W
22 Annie P. Avery 01/03/1878 42-03-24N 70-04-32W 54 Calvin B. Orcutt 12/23/1896 41-41-34N 69-54-43W
23 Ulysses 02/22/1802 Estimated Position 55 Wentworth 10/13/1904 41-41-18N 69-55-14W
24 Josephus 04/15/1849 Estimated Position 56 Theresa Wolf 08/11/1911 41-40-15N 69-55-31W
25 Pentagoet 11/27/1898 Estimated Position 57 Albertina 07/01/1904 41-39-52N 69-55-43W
26 Oakland 10/13/1913 42-01-54N 70-02-18W 58 Mary J. Castner 09/05/1894 41-37-19N 69-55-00W
27 Daniel Fearing 05/06/1896 42-01-06N 70-01-30W 59 Altahama 03/19/1893 41-36-59N 69-57-23W
28 Jason 12/05/1893 42-00-30N 70-01-06W 60 Dora Matthews 09/18/1902 41-35-52N 69-58-13W
29 Terranova 03/16/1914 41-59-12N 70-00-07W 61 Parana 08/10/1913 41-35-25N 69-55-23W
30 Quonnapowitt 10/09/1913 41-59-06N 69-59-18W 62 Wyoming 03/12/1924 41-35-26N 69-51-47W
31 Welcome R. Beebe 08/05/1896 41-58-50N 69-59-54W 63 Harret Jackson 09/20/1891 41-35-15N 69-58-40W
32 Thomas Holder 10/09/1899 41-58-30N 69-59-42W 64 Royal Arch 11/29/1894 41-34-51N 69-55-15W
33 Sumner Mead 10/14/1913 41-56-48N 69-58-21W 65 M.C. Haskell 08/20/1905 41-34-08N 69-54-33W
34 Franklin 03/03/1849 Estimated Position 66 John C. Smith 10/05/1904 41-32-30N 70-00-10W
35 *Longfellow*


41-56-32N 69-58-21W 67 Horatio Hall 03/10/1909 41-32-21N 69-54-07W
36 Florida 11/10/1901 41-56-19N 69-58-25W 68 Rebecca Shepard 12/04/1907 41-32-18N 69-54-37W
37 John H. McManus 03/05/1889 41-55-1889N 69-57-51W 69 Wadena 03/11/1902 41-32-18N 69-54-37W
38 Smuggler 12/31/1895 41-55-18N 69-57-56W 70 Phoenix 11/29/1902 41-32-00N 69-58-05W
39 Ellen Lincoln 12/31/1895 41-54-06N 69-56-15W 71 Altona 01/11/1906 41-31-48N 70-02-25W
40 Castagana 02/17/1914 41-53-30N 69-57-09W 72 Harry Messer 12/24/1908 41-31-42N 70-01-01W
41 Pallas 12/03/1882 41-51-18N 69-56-30W 73 George V. Jordan 08/07/1906 41-31-33N 69-55-00W
42 Nellie Lamper 10/21/1897 41-50-31N 69-56-17W 74 Albert T. Stearns 04/27/1903 41-31-02N 70-00-10W
43 J.H. Eells 03/15/1887 41-49-14N 69-56-03W

*Several of the ships listed above had special cargos.* The Portland was believed to be carrying a cargo of Gold. The Longfellow was believed to be carrying a cargo of Explosives. The Mary Anne was believed to be carrying a cargo of Treasure. 

Listed bellow are several ships that sank in the vicinity of the Boston Harbor and their approximate location.

The Providence sank in 09/28/1697 near Hardings Ledge

The John of Exon sank in 11/03/1703 near Georges Island

The Magnifique sank in 08/15/1782 near Lovells Island

The Cicero sank in 01/23/1786 near Utonia Ledge

The Lucretia sank in 12/04/1786 near Point Shirley

The Elizabeth sank in 12/15/1802 near Nantasket Beach

The Margaret sank in 01/03/1804 near Point Shirley

The Juno sank in 12/12/1804 near Devil's Back

By Bradley "Brad" Williamson




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