Bob "Frogfoot" Weller by Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Bob "Frogfoot" Weller

Bob "Frogfoot" Weller was a leader and a legend in the world of Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and Shipwreck Recovery. He was also a Commander in the Navy serving in both World War II and the Korean War. He was both a Mentor and a "Father" to me.


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Bob "Frogfoot" Weller

Commander Bob Weller - A Leader and A Legend by Bradley "Brad" Williamson

Robert "Frogfoot" Weller passed away October 13th 2008. We still list him as a member because he has Bob "Frogfoot" Wellerbeen a mentor to me and a father to me for over twenty-five years and is still with us in spirit - Captain Bradley "Brad" Williamson.

Following is my memorial to Bob "Frogfoot" Weller along with information about the man who was both a great leader but also a legend. by Bradley "Brad" Williamson.

The first time I meet Bob Weller was about twenty five years ago when he was forming an expedition to recover the treasure from a Spanish galleon that sank in 1622 with a large cargo of sunken treasure, the name of the galleon was the Nuestra Senora de la Margarita. We were basing the operation out of Key West and Bob was looking for a few new divers to join the team. Of the treasure recovery companies that currently exist the most successful ones always have a core team and we rely and put our lives in the hands of our fellow team members, so it is rare to open the doors to accept new team members once the core team has been established.

Once I meet Bob Weller we quickly became very close and I joined him on the expedition to recover treasure from the 1622 Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de la Margarita. We had some great adventures and exciting times. My life journey continued on with him when we continued to dive for and recover sunken treasure from the 1715 Treasure Fleet which sank between Fort Pierce, FL and Sebastian FL, the 1600’s Almiranta, The 1733 Treasure Fleet which sank in the Florida Keys, our quest to locate and record the last unknown shipwreck of the 1733 Treasure Fleet, the San Fernando and of course our expedition to locate and recover treasure from the richest treasure galleon that ever sank The San Jose, located off the coast of Columbia.

During our many years together and the many expeditions we shared together looking for sunken
Bob and Margaret at Bradley "Brad" Williamson's Wedding
Bob and Margaret at my wedding
and recovering sunken treasure, Bob Weller quickly became the father I never had. Our relationship quickly went from a professional relationship to one of a mentor student and more importantly it became a father son relationship, within the first year of our journeys searching and recovering sunken treasure he quickly started calling me “Son” and I would call him “Dad”. My life is much richer for having Bob Weller fill in for me as my father, fulfilling the role of the father I never had. He passed on to me his knowledge of seamanship, diving, locating sunken treasure, recovering sunken treasure and how to live life to the fullest.

Bob Weller served in both WWII and the Korean War, was co-author of the Navy Dive Manual, member of UDT Team One and received numerous medals including The Purple Heart, The Bronze Star for bravery, etc. He has also published numerous books on sunken treasure including Galleon Hunt, Diving For Spanish Sunken Treasure, Galleon Alley, Famous Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys, Sunken Treasure, Shipwrecks Near Wabbaso Beach, etc. Bob was also the owner and editor in chief of Treasure Quest Magazine and has
Bob and Margaret Weller
Bob & Margaret Weller
been the subject of TV interviews and shows. He was also a renowned and much sought after speaker.

Towards the end I spend a lot of time visiting Bob at the hospital and his wife Margaret never left his side, even in the end. Thankfully I was able to spend some time alone with him before they removed his body so I had my chance to say goodbye in private. 

I know that I have some big shoes to fill and I promised my “Dad” that I would make him proud. I have often thought if I was just half the man he was I would consider my life a success. However, I know that Bob Weller is still and will always be a part of my life. Whenever I take the helm of a vessel heading out to sea to find and recover sunken treasure or when I am diving on the bottom of the ocean recovering sunken treasure I know the Bob Weller “Dad” is right there beside me.


Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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