Recent News: Treasure Hunting, Archaeology & Shipwreck Recovery

This page will provide recent news about Treasure Hunting, Archaeology  & Shipwreck Recovery


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Recent News: Treasure Hunting, Archaeology & Shipwreck Recovery

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The recent passing of a Treasure Diver on the 1715 Treasure Fleet

One of the team members, Jeff Croy, of Greg Bound's and Brent Brisbane's 1715 Treasure Fleet recovery team recently passed away while diving on the 1715 Fleet. Out of respect for the privacy of the family and our friendship with Greg and Brent who are grieving with the loss of a good friend and team member we will not go into details. However we will state that Jeff Croy was a good man and a great and very successful diver and treasure finder. He will be missed by all.

In an unofficial tribute to Jeff Croy, Greg and Brent have made this season a very successful season for their company and team by finding numerous Gold Coins from the 1715 Treasure Fleet. Perhaps Jeff Croy is still looking out for them, as I know Bob Weller is looking out for us, the Treasure Expeditions team.

Condolences and prayers to Jeff Croy's family and his team members from all the members of Treasure Expeditions and the Editor-in-Chief of this site, Bradley "Brad" Williamson.



Update on 2013 Season of the 1715 Treasure Fleet - Gold Recoveries!

Two of the 1715 Treasure Fleet recovery teams have already found Gold. Included in these teams are the Gold Hound Team and The Treasure Expeditions team

At first the weather and seas were not cooperative and it was a late start to the 2013 Treasure Salvage Season. Adding to this was the passing of one of the treasure divers and finders, Jeff Croy. However things quickly turned around. Two teams quickly found gold, the Gold Hound Team and the Treasure Expeditions Dive Team. Following up are John Brandon with the Endeavor and Booty Quest, both those teams have found a couple silver coins.

At this point in time the Gold hound team is in the lead with one recovery of 48 Gold Coins. Following the Gold Hound team is the Treasure Expeditions Dive Team with their rare Gold artifact. This artifact was taken to a local jeweler with over 25 years experience in dealing with gold, Swiss Jewelers, and analyzed and tested by the jeweler and based on his professional opinion he said it appears to be low karat gold artifact.

The Treasure Expeditions Dive Team has found a very rare and unusual Gold artifact. The Treasure Expeditions Team found what is referred to as "Sin Registrada" which what the Spaniards used to call smuggled or contraband treasure. A lot of treasure was smuggled and hidden aboard the Treasure Galleons to avoid paying the King's Tax. Once the King's inspectors had inspected the Treasure Galleon, to make sure the king's taxes were paid on all the treasure, and had left the vessel the smugglers would come back and gather their smuggled treasure.

The Treasure Expeditions Team found a  "Ship's Spike" made of Gold. To our knowledge this is the first of this type of a Gold artifact to be found on the 1715 Treasure Fleet and to be turned in and documented. This makes it a truly rare and valuable artifact. Similar "Sin Registrada" was found on the 1733 Fleet by Bob and Margaret Weller of Crossed Anchors Salvage. However these items were Silver and disguised as screws and nails. 


The 2013 Treasure Seminars

Once again the 2013 Treasure Seminars were a great success and enjoyed by all! The Seminars were

Bradley Williamson, Brad Williamson, John Potter, John Potter Jr.
From Left to Right: John Potter Jr. Bradley "Brad" Williamson & John Potter Sr.
 arranged and orchestrated by Margaret "Lady Gold Diver" Weller of Crossed Anchors Salvage and Ernie "Seascribe" Richards of Plus Ultra and Enrada.

The Seminars opened with a presentation by Margaret Weller and John Potter. John Potter is one of the great legends in the industries of Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and Shipwreck Recovery. Some of John Potter's accomplishments include the location and recovery of Sunken Treasure from the famous 1702 Treasure Fleet which sunk in Vigo Bay and many other shipwrecks. John Potter is also the author of many Books which are considered the "Bible's" of our industry. The titles of several of these books are: The Treasure Diver's Guide, The Treasure Divers of Vigo Bay, Treasure Hunters, Treasure....How and Where to Find It, The Treasure Hunter's Guide, etc. John Potter is currently 80 years old but as spry and energetic as ever. His son John Potter Jr. is now carrying on the tradition. John Potter Jr. and his son Max are part of the Treasure Expeditions recovery team for the 2013 Treasure Recovery of the 1715 Treasure Fleet.

Bill Moore with Gold Bars and Gold Disks
Bill Moore with Sunken Treasure, Gold Bars & Gold Disks
Following John Potter was Bill Moore. Bill  discussed about Locating and Recovering the 1715 Treasure Fleet and the 1622 Treasure Fleet. Bill Moore and his wife Julie were a part of the famous Mel Fisher team which recovered vast amounts of sunken treasure from the 1715 Treasure Fleet and also found and located the famous sunken treasure galleons Atocha and Margarita of the 1622 Treasure Fleet. I believe on one dive Bill Moore found over 24 gold Bars.

Following Bill Moore was Bradley "Brad" Williamson from Treasure Expeditions and Mike Brown from Goldhound discussing recent finds and working the 1715 Treasure Fleet. Both of these gentleman have found large amounts of Sunken Treasure. Bradley Williamson has worked and recovered sunken treasure from the 1715 Treasure Fleet since 1987 and was trained and mentored by his "adopted" parents Bob and Margaret Weller of Crossed Anchors Salvage.

After a great lunch it was time for Gary Drayton to speak about beach hunting. Gary Drayton has found numerous treasures on the beach both modern and from sunken treasure galleons. Gary is arguably the most successful and famous beach hunter and some of his finds include extremely rare and valuable gold and emerald jewelry from the Treasure Galleons. Gary is also the author of several books such as Metal Detecting for Spanish Treasure, The Shallow Water Hunters Guide to South Florida. Hardcore Beach Hunting, How to Read the Beach & Water, etc.

The next day Margaret Weller and Hank Haardt drove all the students of the seminar to all of the wreck sites of the 1715 Treasure Fleet. At each wreck site Margaret gave the background and history of each

Treasure Recovered by Gary Drayton
Some of Gary Drayton's Beach Finds
 shipwreck, the location of the shipwreck, the treasure it was carrying, some of the recoveries of treasure, etc. They went to all the sites and viewed some of the teams currently working on the shipwreck sites and recovering treasure. They stopped at Captain Hiram's for lunch and then visited the McClarty Museum for more information about the shipwrecks and to view many of the recovered treasures and artifacts.

The following day Bradley Williamson spoke once again regarding Remote Sensing and locating Shipwrecks and Sunken Treasure. Brad was filling in for his good friend Doug Gossage who unfortunately had a last minute emergency and was unable to attend. Bradley Williamson did an excellent job. Bradley Williamson has worked with many of the top remote specialist in the nation on many of his projects including Rick Horgan. Mr. Horgan is recognized as the authority in Remote Sensing and was called in by the US Federal Government to run and oversee the locating of all the Pieces of the infamous Space Shuttle Flight and the TWA flight. Both of these exploded over the ocean and their fragments were scattered over a large area of the ocean floor. Also Rick located JFK Jr's. plane which crashed into the ocean. Rick and Brad have worked closely together on projects and Brad has utilized Side Scan Sonar, Sub Bottom Profilers and Cesium Magnetometers to locate and recover shipwrecks and Sunken Treasure.

Next was Carl "Fizz" Fismer. Carl is also a legend in the industry of Treasure Hunting, Archaeology andCarl Fismer Shipwreck Recovery. Among "Fizz's" many accomplishments and successes are the recovery of sunken treasure from the Maravilla wreck in the Bahamas, the Concepcion wreck in the Dominican Republic and the famous Taj Mahal wreck with Sir Arthur C. Clark. Also, Fizz dove with one of the first astronauts to land and Walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldren. Carl was also the subject of a Television Series  "The Treasure Divers" and he can often be seen as a special guest on the popular TV show, Pawn Stars. He often appears on the show offering his expertise identifying and appraising rare and valuable treasures. Carl is also a part of the TreasureExpeditions.Com team and you can read his biography, Carl Fismer, and view several of his videos on this site. Fizz has also come on board as an advisor and guest diver with the Treasure Expeditions Dive Team on the 1715 Treasure Fleet.

After Carl's presentation, once again everyone was treated to a fabulous lunch.

After lunch Bill Mathers and Hank Parker visited and shared with the attendees their recovery of treasure from the Spanish Treasure Manila Galleon the Concepcion. The Treasure Galleon sank with a large amount of treasure and Bill Mathers and his team recovered the Sunken Treasure and over 1300 pieces of priceless jewelry from the shipwreck. This shipwreck was located in the Pacific Ocean off of Saipan. This treasure recovery project was covered and displayed in both National Geographic and the book Treasure of the Concepcion

Following Bill Mathers was Ernie Richards. Ernie is the owner and Editor in Chief of the highly regarding

Dive Boats over Shipwrecks of the 1733 Treasure Fleet
Dive Boats over the Shipwrecks in the tropical Florida Keys
periodical Plus Ultra and Ernie is also the author of numerous books such as, Shipwrecks and their Coins Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, etc. Ernie and his wife Ellie Richards have been involved in in Treasure Recovery and dove on numerous shipwrecks many, many years. Ernie and Bob Weller often worked closely together on many projects.

For the final day of the Treasure Seminar all the attendees were driven down to the Florida Keys and taken out diving on the famous 1733 Treasure Fleet Shipwrecks. Here the water is crystal clear and warm and the diving conditions are great. As a culmination of all that the attendees learned by meeting with and learning from some of the top leaders in the fields of Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and Shipwreck Recovery they were now dining on real and famous Sunken Spanish Treasure Galleons. By the end of the Treasure Seminar the attendees were able to return home and with amazing photos, great memories, new friendships with other attendees and leaders in the industry and as treasure divers themselves now that they had actually dove on real and famous Spanish Treasure Galleons.

If you are interested in attending one of these seminars make sure to contact either the Editor-in-Chief of TreasureExpeditions.Com, Bradley "Brad" Williamson or Margaret Weller as soon as possible because these seminars are extremely popular and fill up fast. In the immortal words of Bob "Frogfoot" Weller - Follow Your Dreams! (Insisto Vestri Somnium)


Treasure Expedition Team finds rare and valuable Gold artifact

The Treasure Expeditions Dive Team is working the 1715 Fleet this season as one of their projects and they had a great start. Early into the season Bradley Williamson was swimming along the top of the reef of one of the 1715 Treasure Fleet shipwrecks when his eyes spotted something in one of the crevasses of the reef. In this crevasse of the reef there was a rare gold artifact which is called "Sin Registrada"

Sin Registrada is the term given to any treasure which was smuggled or disguised as something else to avoid paying the "King's Tax". A  lot of gold was smuggled on the Treasure Galleons by various means and methods. The Spaniards called smuggled gold, Sin Registrada. The, Sin Registrada, smuggled aboard the treasure ships often exceeded the actual registered treasure by as much as 3 X the amount of registered treasure. Especially on the shipwreck we are working the Nuestra del Carmen. Even in the old 1715 Spanish Legahos which we have from Bob Weller about the 1715 Fleet there was a lot of speculation about all the smuggled gold on board our shipwreck especially considering this vessel was the one which went to Cartagena, Columbia where almost all the Gold and Emeralds came from in the New World. The artifact recovered by the Treasure Expeditions Dive team is made of low Karat Gold and shaped in the image of a bronze spike to fool the King's Tax Collectors. The artifact was taken to a local jeweler, Swiss Jewelers, with over 25 years experience in dealing with gold. The jeweler after analyzing and testing the artifact the jeweler stated that in his professional opinion it appeared to be a low karat gold artifact.

As you can see from the attached photo one image ( the bottom image)  is of two standard bronze spikesGold Spike - Sunken Treasure from a shipwreck fused together from corrosion. You can see how it is thick, rugged and covered with the green corrosion and shells. The other photo is of the low karat Gold artifact we recovered. You will notice that there is no corrosion on it even after almost 300 years in the ocean and it is only slightly discolored and the area cleaned up shines brightly, not to mention it has a very slender and delicate shape to it – it was never created to be a fastener. It has been tested by a local Jeweler at about 10 Karat Gold.

Bob and Margaret Weller have in their collection a similar form of "Sin Registrada" or smuggled treasure. They found several nails which were made out of silver, these were from a shipwreck on the 1733 Treasure Fleet which sank in the Florida Keys. Another method of smuggling treasure was they would smuggle low karat gold as a “bronze” spikes or nails. It is our understanding that one of these low karat gold spikes has already been recovered by a 1715 Fleet diver in the past but to our knowledge it was never declared or documented and was sold on the black market. Making this the first find of this kind to be officially documented and recorded.

So far this has been a good season for the Treasure Expeditions Dive Team and along with this rare Gold artifact they have also found several other valuable finds and more treasure will still be brought up by them. As Bob Weller would say - MAS ORO!



Large Recovery of Silver from Deep Water Shipwreck

Odyssey Marine just recovered 1,574 Silver Bars from the Shipwreck the SS Gairsoppa located in the North Atlantic more than 3 miles down. The value of this recovery is estimated to be 35 Million. The SS Gairsoppa was sunk by a German U-boat and 84 people died in this tragedy and the vast treasure of Silver Bars was lost to the sea until the recent recovery by Odyssey. The total of the recovery was over 60 Tons of pure Silver. The largest amount of Silver ever recovered from a shipwreck. They located all but 25 of the total cargo of Silver Bars. To the right is a photo of one of the Silver Bars recovered from the Shipwreck.








Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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